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Which parameters determine the quality of our products?
Is it possible to speed up production with the same quality?
How can we reduce costs and deliver high quality to our customers?
Is process capability achieved?

The Software STASA QC developed at STASA provides a systematic setup of production processes, resulting in optimised production parameters from start of production. Fields of application are among others: injection moulding, welding, sticking, milling, drilling.


News about STASA QC

Version 2020 of the software is now available


Operation Point Optimisation

The software STASA QC is a consequent improvement of the expert approach to setup the production process. The interrelations of setup parameters and the quality features of the part are evaluated automatically via a systematic design of experiments and a systematic evaluation of quality data. As a result the optimal machine setting (e.g. holding pressure, mould temperature) is determined, to achieve the required quality (dimensions, attributive features). more...


Online Quality Prediction

Experience process monitoring of the next generation: With the Online Quality Prediction enhancement of STASA QC the values of the quality features are predicted with help of artificial intelligence (AI) during production for each cycle, if the mould is equipped with adequate sensors. Thus scrap parts can be sorted out via a reject gate without measuring the parts' dimensions. more ...



Since STASA QC is based on a data driving, self learning approach, the software generally can be used in all cyclical production processes, e.g.:

injection mouldingaluminium die castingMIM processescasting
MIG weldingUltrasonic weldingsolderingsticking

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