STASA QC Quality Navigator

STASA QC determines the optimal machine setting to hit the target parameters needed to achieve all quality specifications. As well as quality aspects, the cycle time can be considered during optimization to minimize production times and there- fore costs. Energy and cost parameters can then be kept to a minimum during operation.

This systematic approach based on design of experiment (DoE) ensures that additional costs and energy con- sumption brought about by unnecessary trials or repeating previous trials can be avoided. Seamless documentation of the optimization process is also guaran- teed thanks to the automated reporting tool.

One feature of this optimization procedure is that all operation points can be identified which provide almost the same component quality as the optimum quality. It then provides the operator with a choice of operation points and provides a recommendation of the best one to maximize process stability (in other words, quality fluctuation margins are at a minimum at this recommended operation point). Alternatively, if it makes sense for the current production process, the operator can override the system and switch to another operation point. In addition the process cabality is predicted.

With STASA QC the user can interactively change machine setting parameters and see the effect each change has on each quality feature directly on a screen in a simulation - without having to run an additional test on the production machine. Also, it can show separately the effect of separate machine setting parameters on individual quality. features.

This makes it possible to work out interactive correlations between machine settings and quality features which would otherwise remain unrecognized due to the complexity of the task at hand.

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